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Advertising is a great way to let others know about our wonderful Dandie Dinmont Terriers, provides financial support for our National Specialty and gives you an opportunity to share your successes with other exhibitors and breeders.

When submitting an advertisement, please remember the following:

Ad rates are  $85.00 per page including photo for a full page ad or $60 for a half page including photo.

Complete the layout sheet; provide materials in Word or Pagemaker/ indesign format. Photos should be JPG or TIFF  Do not use grayscale scans if sending electronically.

Original photos will produce the best results. Label all materials. Type or print all copy clearly.

Photos will be returned on the day of the specialty or later via postal service if necessary.


All ads and ad payments must be submitted by April 26, 2017

Send to

Miriam Couto  P.O. Box 1705, Woodland, WA  98674   or email to

Print ready adds by email are preferred

Reproductions of pictures from show catalogs, telephone books, business cards, screen photos, faxed logos or artwork, etc. results in POOR QUALITY and are not guaranteed. Copy and Logos on dark colored backgrounds cannot be guaranteed separation. For any additional artwork or outside work, an additional charge will be made.


We want to see your dog in print!

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