Do Dandies have back problems?

Over with ease
Over with ease

Although media and websites mention back problems are common in Dandies, this is not the case. Dandies have a natural rise over the loin which protects them from back injuries. As with all breeds, Dandies are at risk for injury if they are over weight and out of shape.

Are Dandies good with kids?

Best friends forever

Absolutely! Dandies are loyal companions. They are a tough little play buddy, empathetic when life is sad and exuberant when all is well. A child who grows up with a Dandie often acquires a  Dandie for their own family.

Are Dandies easy to train?

Although Dandies are independent thinkers and a wee bit stubborn, they are very ‘soft’ dogs and require gentle training. They are much more intelligent than most observers realize. Dandies rarely forget and they learn new tasks almost immediately…the difficulty is being patient until they decide to do it!

Do Dandies Dig?

They might, some do. You can teach them not to dig, just ask our Master Gardener members.

How much do Dandies cost?

Dandies are a rare breed, but you will find this does not effect the price breeders ask for Dandies. Usually the price varies based on what type of a companion the Dandie is, either Show-companion or Pet-companion. Prices help to cover the cost of breeding and whelping a litter.

Do Dandies Get along with other animals?

Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever

Dandies are not contentious and get along well with other animals. It is best to bring a puppy, rather than an adult, into a home with birds, cats and hamsters.

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